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Amazon Wheel of Horror- Day 11- Uninvited


What’s up everyone? Marissa here, and I’m excited to say that tonight’s pick actually wasn’t that bad. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it good, but, compared to some of the movies we have watched it's a masterpiece.

Tonight’s pick is 1988’s Uninvited. In a PETA would be proud plot, a mutated cat escapes from a test lab, and leaves a trail of dead bodies in its path. The cat is a like mix between a xenomorph and Nate’s cat Mr. Mister. Why is it half monster/half cat? Who cares! It is the 80’s, right? So this cat crosses paths with a group of co-eds who happen to get offered a job working as the crew of a yacht for a rich guy who also happens to be a wanna mobster. Just go with it, ok. Anyway, this mobster and his mobster buddies (including B-list favorites Clu Gulager and George Kennedy) are bad guys, and they eventually turn on our fun-loving college kids. Luckily, the cat is there to kill everyone!

This film does have some pretty great 80’s puppet and special FX. I really enjoyed watching the kitty morph from having a little mini rottweiler in its mouth to a full-on poor man’s Ghoulie. The kills were fun, especially since the characters were not.



I especially enjoyed watching the ending. I am now convinced that both James Cameron and Steven Spielberg borrowed from the climax of this film. During the final battle between the kids and the killer cat troll, they realize the only way to rid themselves of the creature is to give it something to float on. So they throw it a board at it. It then floats away. #plagarized #jackandrose

Also, remember the beginning of Jurassic Park: The Lost World when a kid is presumably eaten by a dinosaur that washed up on shore? Well, guess who happens to wash up on the shore of this movie and eat a child... that darned cat!


So is this a movie I would recommend? Only if you are really bored and have exhausted all of Shudder, Netflix, and Amazon’s better choices, which is basically every movie they have. If you are looking for a good cat horror flick, I do recommend:

cats eye.jpeg

Cat’s Eye (The General)- This is one of three stories in this trilogy. In it, adorable Drew Barrymore’s protective cat is sent away, so naturally a breath-stealing troll takes advantage and madness ensues. The little troll has jingly bells that scared the crap out of me as a kid, and the little bastard even has a knife. Based on a Stephen King story, this movie almost makes me forget how much I hate cats!


Keep that kid in the hat away from me!

Keep that kid in the hat away from me!

Pet Semetary- Two Stephen King adaptations in one post! You are welcome. Ok, so the cat in this movie isn’t exactly a hero. But, he’s still pretty awesome. And it’s not his fault his dumb owner buries him in the Indian burial ground. Anyway, a solid flick with tons of scares; this movie confirms my theory that cats are evil.  

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