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Amazon Roulette of Horror - October 13th - Hip Hop Locos

Not only is this movie terrible, it is also not a horror movie. So thanks for that, Amazon.

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Text pops up at beginning. It reads “On the night of 2/20/01, two Latino rappers decided to break into the Hip Hop industry. They planned to rob drug dealers, sell cocaine and use the money to record a Hip Hop album. You are about to witness what occurred that evening…” And that is exactly what happens in all 1 hour and 12 minutes of this movie. There is a scene where they talk to the camera about what they want to do. They meet up with a drug dealer and make small talk. They kill the drug dealer and steal his drugs. Then music plays for a while as they drive around. Repeat this two more times. Boom. That is the whole movie. I wish I was exaggerating. Oh I’m sorry. I forgot about the 5 whole minutes that there was no dialogue and we just watched them smoke a joint.

Hip Hop Locos was incredibly boring. The two main actors repeated themselves constantly. They would decided on a drug dealer to kill and then spend 4 more minutes just saying that very thing, in various ways, over and over again. “We gonna kill that guy, homes. Yeah, homes, he gonna die by my hands. Come on, homes, we gonna ice him. Let's go kill him because it is time for killing and he is the one we have selected to kill”. Ok, I made up the last part, but everything before is 100% in the movie. The way they shot this movie was almost like they intended to make a really long music video. A lot of it was shot in black and white, they used video effects like out of focus images, slow motion, and negative colors. Also, you never see the faces of the two main characters either due to the video special effects or the fact that they wear their hats down to their noses.

This movie made me wish I had another veto. While it is still not as bad as The Secret of the Magic Mushroom, I will admit that I watched this movie in fast forward with subtitles on.


There was one thing about this movie that I liked. It was distributed by Brain Damage Films and that instantly brought me back to my Hollywood Video days working with Marissa. We made it our mission to rent all the movies in the horror section and I have fond memories of us watching terrible movies together. While I don't remember the films, I do remember the Brain Damage logo. It gave me the warm fuzzies thinking about our college days.

On a final note, I'm not sure if they did it on purpose or if they were even going for it, but I think this movie should be awarded by the Guinness Book of World records for “Most time homes was said in one movie”

2001’s Hip Hop Locos gets 1 “stereotyped Latino tough guys” out of 5.

- Jacki

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