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Amazon Wheel of Horror - October 21st - The Grave



Welp, yet again we come across a movie that is improperly labeled by the movie sorting robots at Amazon. The Grave isn't a horror movie or a comedy movie, yet it is tagged as both. So what do we have instead? A boring, half-hearted, crime movie/dark comedy. 

King and Tyn are in prison for some reason, and while working in the fields one day, a particularly ham-fisted Giovanni Ribisi tells them a story about how the man who built the town they are from secretly buried an insane amount of money in or around his grave. The boys decide that his word is enough to justify a ridiculous prison escape to try and find it. What ensues is a really unbelievable tale of people screwing each other over to get to this money.

The cops never come looking for King and Tyn, despite the fact that they kill prison guards during the escape and the place they escape to is their home town. At one point, a character is buried alive while unconscious for over 24 hours but when dug up is just dandy. Worst of all, the plot is drawn out to silly lengths, despite not much happening. The treasure is located right next to the town patriarch's grave, which is explored multiple times, yet it takes 60 minutes of revolving door plot lines for that fact to be discovered.

I think the part that hurt the most about this movie was the amount of known names that couldn't save this garbage fire. Keith David, Giovanni Ribisi, Donal Logue, Anthony Michael Hall. Not exactly the cream of the crop, but high profile enough to make you think that one of them could spot a terrible script from the amount of work they've done in the past. I guess the pay was enough to justify signing up. There was money spent on this, you can tell just by looking at it, but you can't save a terrible script just by throwing cash at it.

Hopefully, next time I'll get something that at least somewhat resembles a horror film.


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